Finally, we exchanged the Explorer's EFI manifold (which is a pretty good manifold in its own right) for an Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap intake and a Holley 750-cfm HP-style carburetor. I'll prob take a trip up there this weekend after scavenging the junkyards, thanks a million. GT40s have 64cc chambers. They work, but present their own challenges. Is asking advice for a fairly common situation involving parts with mandatory compatibility between the two for performance and longevity. Yea. 1983 Mustang G.T. Purchase a set of flat top pistons (from Ford Motorsport, TRW or Keith Black) with machined valve reliefs and designed to provide 10:1 compression with a 59 to 60 cc combustion chamber cylinder head. Do not ever, ever think about using the tube type manifolds. Those are really good numbers. If you can get the mentioned GT-40 heads with studs for a good price, that would be good for you. Well also assume that this engine is running stock exhaust manifolds. A mild porting with gasket matching will be very good. ford 302 sbf gt40p v8 cast iron complete cylinder head and head bolts and head gasket set. Sponsored. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Small-block Fords and Mopars only use four head bolts per cylinder, so retaining proper head-gasket sealespecially with nitrousis a point that demands attention, so we ordered a set of Fel-Pro MLS head gaskets rather than a standard, composition gasket. The GT40P heads had a small combustion chamber ranging from 58-61cc while the GT40 heads had a 63-66cc combustion chamber. Application Fits 1979-95 Mustang 302/351 w/ OEM Small Block Ford Heads Different years can have different combustion chamber sizes but ffor the most part there will be no performance increases by going with 302 heads. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. made more power everytwhere and 40 hp is respectable. The newer camshaft is designed for use with a soft bronze distributor gear, not the hardened steel gear used for older camshafts. I used Lightning heads on my 302, (GT40 not P) with stock rockers on a flat tappet engine. HiPo manifolds and Ill be good. Gt40 heads/intake from a jy explorer, leave the . That's a 40 per cent increase in power from a simple head and cam swap, and one seriously happy Mustang owner! Torque on the other hand isnt something to write home about. The only failures Ive had were timing chains and a couple broken rods in a mid 80s 302 with 200,000 miles on it that got about 35 lbs of boost stuffed into it when a pop off valve I bought on ebay failed. Yep my **** is coming apart again Isnt life great! The GT40P heads flow a lot better than stock 351 heads. check out the. Tim's junkyard refugee survived the beating and we had a bitchin' story. Overview. We bolted the Ford to the dyno with a set of 158-inch long-tube headers and an 18-inch collector extension to help the low-speed torque, then we fired up the small-block. $700.98. just curious. There are a couple of reasons for this suggestion. Both have very similar valve sizes, but the GT40P head has slightly larger combustion chambers for a small bump in compression and better flow. In order to make Coyote-type power you will need some expensive, high-flow cylinder heads with a short block that can withstand spinning in excess of 6,500 rpm. That's a good combo in my book. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Holley 670 street avenger carb. The GT40 & GT40P heads had a few differences that are note-worthy, the most importantly being the bump in compression. MAC is the only manufacturer of these headers, and the parts we installed fit like a glove with no problems whatsoever. As noted, this is looking like hes building a 351 Lightning truck motor, which is a good way to go. With nitrous, this is easily a mid-11-second ride. Save narve00 This test went so well that we were eager to see what the slightly bigger cam would do. Pretty sure that was name, but I could be wrong. Per a UEM tech support email I have the Icon IC736 is supposed to be good for GT40 heads when I asked about it. Just make sure it is a roller cam. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I was thinking the same but the enforcers are $647ea now so $1400 (inc tax) is the entry price for good set of heads. 1983 Mustang G.T. Slover primarily focused on the exhaust side of the GT40P heads. Cast iron GT40Ps as cast flow better than non-Ps due to revised plug location/angle. The "P" heads flow better. First, adding headers will improve power on the existing combination. If you can find individual flanged headers like the obsolete MAC headers had, those worked really well with GT40P's. In an effort to preserve the history of the Early Fox Era, FEP covers the following vehicles: 79-86 Mustang and Capri, 84-86 Mustang SVO, 78-83 Fairmont & Zephyr, 83-86 LTD & Marquis, 80-88 Thunderbird & Cougar, 82-87 Continental, 84-92 Mark VII, 81-82 Granada. I'm running BBK un-equal length shorty's, and I'm able to get all the plugs in, tight, and all plug wires on. A bone stock 2bbl early 351w with stock replacement forged pistons (9.0 compression) and dyno headers made 211 Hp . When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Free shipping. An aggressive cam will wake it up a bit. The Edelbrock Performer RPM is a good choice, but Holley, Weiand and Ford Motorsport also have similar offerings. Hey all, I'm working on building a 302 with my gt40p heads. These are some of the best castings Ford ever produced for this engine, and are still fairly cheap and available used. I'm using the Trick Flow stage 1 cam with 1.7 roller rockers. Your IP: That's fantastic for the minimal investment we made. I added a link to it. Runs well. E303 Cam advanced 4 degrees. Nudge us with emails, and we'll make it happen. Free shipping for many products! With no other changes we gained 25 hp using factory iron heads. We also discovered some issues with the GT40P heads that required changes, so we added valves from Manley that eliminated the exhaust-valve rotators and allowed us to set the proper valvespring installed height. Purchase any used aftermarket manifold for the 302 that is designed to function in the 3,500 to 6,500 power band. We know what you're thinking--only two-tenths from an extra 45 hp? Nice to see actual dyno results instead of "butt dyno" guesses. Learn how your comment data is processed. In less than an hour, we were ready to test. That said there are some better aftermarket options for heads also. Every thing he tells you on this site is true. There are too many variables to add to this regarding aftermarket stroker kits or components. The heads that were used were also old C8 casting with 58cc chambers. fuel injection system . You didnt provide a lot of information about the engine itself, Im assuming its 85 or newer ( roller cam) May need a freshen up of the bottom end if compression is the issue. The older pushrod engines just dont offer the same kind of power potential for their displacement and it all has to do with cylinder head flow. The reply has so many assumptions that I cant even assume to know the answer. What would be the best cam and springs to use for these heads in a 302 Windsor? I think one of the finer traits of a true car guy, is the patience to put a prized car away and just let it sit for a while rather than selling it when life gets in the way. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ive bought wrecking yard SBFs and put 20 lbs of boost to them and spin them to 7000 and made 500 HP with several of them. This needs to be removed and different exhaust valves, retainers, and valve springs added to turn this into a decent street head. K.S. It has underdrive pulleys, MSD ignition, Bassanni headers and forward exit exhaust. All Ford Mustangs | Model Specific Forums, GT-40P Heads - 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine. That's an improvement of 22 hp over Test 2. The MPH was there to run a little better but the local track is about terrible. Yeah, except those. a) ain't early and b) aren't 289 heads. This combination should be good for about 400 horsepower and as much as 500 if you opt to use the stronger aftermarket pistons. Again, assuming this is a nearly stock 5.0L with stock heads, the Weiand Street Warrior dual plane intake and 600 cfm carburetor, its important to not become overly aggressive and choose a big camshaft. Let us explain. how much HP and torque? So . The kit offers adjustable power from 50 to 250 hp with a simple jet change. Come join the discussion about performance, production numbers, VIN decoders, modifications, troubleshooting, power adders, DIY tutorials, and more! Where they differ is the combustion chamber size. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a2e2d95dedea1e4 Seriously though if you're not planning on an all-out attack for HP, I'd consider a forged piston out of Probe's SRS line-up. I view the GT40P heads similar to Granada brakes. If you smooth out the bowls and exhaust ports and gasket match the intakes they should flow decent. We are offering a pair of original Ford Cobra 5.0 GT40 cast iron cylinder heads. The 5.0L with the GT40 head had a 9.0:1 compression, and the 5.0L with the GT40P head had 9.1:1 compression. For additional insurance, we also added a set of ARP head studs, which are stronger and offer better thread overlap than factory bolts, which helps prevent pulling threads out of a used block. You can have your current 28 oz rebalanced to 50. They also have emissions legal heads as well. These engines came with the GT40P head, which even with its small valves, offers really good performance. We set the timing to 34 degrees and rejetted the carburetor to get our desired 12.5:1 air/fuel ratio. Within a few hours of his discovery, the engine was sitting in the back of his truck on its way to a new home. But the part about a cam replacement possibly being a labor intensive undertaking is correct. So I've got the motor and heads already for my maverick project. P-heads have a smaller combustion chamber at 59cc, which will bump the compression ratio up on an otherwise-stock 5.0 engine. people can stop saying that adding aftermarket cam with stock heads is a waste of time. When building an engine there is a lot to take into consideration. by travis Sun May 03, 2020 8:33 am. You'll have to plug the oil hole that is in the engine from the old oil dipstick. The 302 uses smaller 7/16" head bolts and your "P" heads may or may not require the step washers. Because of this, your tuneup will probably need to be modified. Not sure how they would mate up to your existing exhuast, but otherwise they should work. GT40, GT40P, would be great factory heads. Dennis Hilliard of Central Coast says we can expect to gain three-tenths in the quarter-mile. I'd much rather be able to drive it at 8 or 9/10s of what it can handle. The only one that's close, is #7. Can I run the new cam with the same roller hydraulic lifters or do I have to change the lifters too? The dyno recorded a peak horsepower reading of 489 hp, but the air/fuel ratio was slightly on the rich side at 11.5:1, so we increased the nitrous jet to a 61 and hit the button again. These are Ford iron GT-40P heads. Required fields are marked *. Come join the discussion about popular models such as the Mustang, Galaxie, Falcon, Fairlane, Torino, Shelby and many more! Actually the regular gt40's in either aluminum or iron are the good ones but the gt40p's are only a slight improvement over regular 302 heads. If you're running a stock cam, 1.7 rockers will work perfectly. Here a comparison of different heads on a 302: I'm very happy with my GT40P. Ive been building ENGINES for 40+ years. I guess I had it backwards, sorry about that, didn't mean to spread misinformation. In 1987, he assumed the role of editor for Hot Rod magazine before returning to his first love of writing technical stories. . A COMP hydraulic roller cam we found works well with this combination. As with Chevrolet's small-block engine, the aftermarket has had dozens of years to expand the range and reduce the cost of the parts they offer for this engine. Or just play it safe and let the fans ask away about another daring 5.0 TB bolt on or for an exciting surprise, do a LS______ fill in the blanks. Gasoline/Diesel all makes on earth & still doing it today with great pride.Feel free to contact me anytime. Assemble the rotating assembly with a stock 5.0L crankshaft, a set of 5.0L rods and the specified pistons with stock-type rings. this head fits years 95-01 explorer mountaineer mercury mountaineer . Like I said lots of options. . You didnt mention what camshaft you would be choosing or exactly which 5.0L Ford Windsor engine you are working with. We heated the bottle to 950 psi and hit the button at 4,500 rpm. Not sure about that but got some pictures of the cast iron explorer manifolds on a 302. If I get different urges later, Ill pursue those then. 950.00 us a set and will ship . Now we know why Dennis Hilliard of Central Coast Mustang is so high on these heads. Depends on the budget. Vehicle: 1972 2 door 302 maverick, 1986 5.0 stang gt convertible,66 mustang coupe, HEMI ram. Not when you can buy a set of Promaxx or AFR Enforcer heads for $1000, that already have decent hardware included. . We will go into more detail on the head mods in a later story in Junkyard Builder, so watch for it. For the most part 302 heads and 351W heads are the same. I have been working on Fords for 40 years and I have experimented with a few tricks of my own. The GT40P cylinder heads had a small combustion chamber ranging from 58-61cc while the GT40 heads had a 63-66cc combustion chamber. These are among the best of the iron Ford Windsor heads as they tend to flow much better than earlier castings. The reason for this is that we're actually replacing mildly worked E7TE heads. 302, GT40P Heads, E cam, 4 into 4, Holley 600, Mallory Unilite, Levy SD T5, 3.73, 15" Team III, firewall mod, trunk mod, trailer hitch, drivers foot box mod, front tow rings. Related Resources Mustang Generation Nicknames: What Do They Mean? The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Really hurt too. 302 explorer short block with roughly 80k miles GT40's from a local u pull n pay ($97) weiand x-celerator trick flow stage 1 cam 650 holley double pumper car made 322/329 SAE . Win or lose, if you buy the ticket you must take the ride. The factory heads have a boss for the exhaust valve that restricts flow through the exhaust port. The GT40 heads have thermactor holes built in to connect to the EGR/smog equipment whereas the GT40P heads use an external EGR connective system. Choose a cylinder head before you install the pistons. Posted on May 07, 2014 by promarengine. At the time, I was still running smog equipment in a 1994 Mustang GT, so I had them drill the back of the heads for the thermactor connection. Yes Mr.Smith, your column here at OAC adorned with extreme performance without power adders, or all Engine as its known, from a superior pushrod Small Block featuring almost all USA sourced modern components with the familiar smell of Ford Blue. After graduating from Iowa State University with a journalism degree in 1978, he combined his two passions: cars and writing. Obviously, tuneups will vary. I bought a crate 302 from Downs Ford a few years ago that was producing 320 hp. Advanced: Daily Deals; Help & Contact; Sell; My eBay Expand My . Stock valve sizes? This modification will help your late-model GT40P heads work better with the old-school carbureted intake setup. They fill that spot between power and budget. Yeah, out of a bolt on upgrade, you'd probably be looking at 260-280rwhp ish with supporting mods. . Enter your search keyword. The engine never huffed oil out of the breathers, and the spark plugs all looked excellent. Common sense would suggest that with the heavy lifting complete and the old cam removed, by not installing the new roller lifters along with the camshaft could be asking for the possibility of trouble just a few thousand miles down the road. All this is worth it. are you twisted331 also? Part of this reason is due to its inherent strength and simplicity, but a lot of it has to do with how little Ford has changed it over the years. At the dragstrip, we gained two-tenths and 2 mph. Features hardened 4140 Chromoly retainers, valve locks, spring shims, a spring height gauge, valve seals, and instructions. You could run a thinner head gasket as well. 1.7 shaft rockers and beehives. If you know him, ask him. I love my setup and it is very strong engine. I can tell you that with my 9.503 block, 22cc dished pistons and 64cc heads, I'm at 9.5:1 compression. Sponsored. Here is my setup. i'd love to use these heads,. I must agree with Jeff Smith. The GT40P heads flow a lot better than stock 351 heads. i have a 302 engine from a 1977 granada and i am wondering if gt40p heads from an explorer will fit on this motor. Early Windsors tend to have fairly restrictive exhaust manifolds, making the addition of a set of headers that much more efficient. I guess someone could just do a basic valve job and throw on the GT40 upper/lower intake for a cheap HP boost. Adding the headers may also require a slight increase in secondary (and possibly primary) jetting to ensure the proper air-fuel ratio, but thats also an easy tuning change. Not to mention, they will run circles around GT40P's out of the box. He has worked as a tractor-trailer driver and mechanic, a rigger at a fire engine factory and as a race-car driver and builder. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Assuming this will be a daily driver engine, a short duration camshaft, especially when combined with a four-barrel dual plane intake manifold and headers, will deliver extremely snappy throttle response and the whole combination will increase the torque and peak horsepower by somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to perhaps 35 horsepower. The only way to really make more power is to go with a stroker kit, blower and/or heads.

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